Fun Quirky Unusual Hanging Red Lobster Needle Felt Home Decoration/Accessory/Ornament. unusual seaside Fish gift

Handmade Felt Louella Lobster Hanging Decoration

SKU: FSG121910

What the shell? This gorgeous red lobster has swum up in search of a lifelong partner! This cute crustacean would make the perfect addition to any seaside display, or perhaps he just wants to hang out in your kitchen and keep an eye on your cooking pot.


Either way, he'll make a great addition to your home.


Plus, this little lobster is 100% Fairtrade, handmade and biodegradable!

  • Product Specifications

    • Dimensions: 11cm x 9cm (about the size of a Tabasco Sauce bottle)
    • Material: 100% wool
    • Suitable from: 3 years
    • Manufacturing: Handmade by traditional needle felting/wet felting techniques.

Chesterfield, Derbyshire UK

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